Hetalia day Orlando

October 20,2012


I'm sorry that this is very last minute an unexpected but I cannot come. Something came up that's out of my control. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean Hetalia Day in cancelled. You all don't necessarily need a leader. I would very much like a picture of you all emailed to me, though.

I'm so dearly sorry,

-Lily Hill 

Details and Code of Conduct

   Here's the page for the official code of conduct. It's for the best. But because we're going to be in a place that's a little more restrictive, here are just some notes and suggestions that coincide with the park rules.

 Remember, you're the person paying for your own admission, so you are responsible for yourself. However, if you want to stay with this major group, you have to abide by the code of conduct and the rules specific to this group. I also suggest that you read these rules again before you come because they may change.


  • No heils or lewd gestures.
  • No yelling, screeching, or "squeeing".
  • Please act appropriately in terms of maturity. Do not act "kawaii".
  • Please, please, please do not act weeaby.
  • Respect the park property and other visitors.
  • No props or flags, sorry.


Other suggestions concerning cosplay.

 I suggest casual cosplays or complete cosplays with a change of clothes. You should consider weather, comfort, and getting into the park. I also suggest that there should be no full Germany or Prussia uniforms and no non-Hetalia cosplays.

 Hopefully we all have an excellent time, but please keep your head on straight!


Location and Time


Important Note: The poll determines the location, whatever it says is where we go.

(The meet-up time has been determined to be 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM at Epcot, in-front of the Dancing fountain.)




         Please sign the guest book if you intend to go. 

 (For those of you who are new to APH Day, go here) 


 My e-mail is ChibiAmerica@yahoo.com. Feel free to contact me for anything. ASK ME FOR A PHONE NUMBER TO CONTACT IF NEEDED

                                                                                      I hope to see you soon,


                                                                                                           ~Lily Hill